Demo Adapter

Demo Adapter

Get Started with the Demo Adapter

After installation you can simulate incoming and outgoing calls to get to know the features of Open CTI for Lightning Experience. These simulations don’t make real calls.

Important: The demo adapter is supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Log in with your Salesforce credentials, or click Log In.
  • To simulate an incoming call, click 204 open cti demo adapter phone icon.png in the softphone header. You can accept or decline the call, enter notes, transfer a call, and end a call.
  • To simulate an outbound call, click any number in Salesforce, type a number, or use the dialpad.
  • To update the target for the screen pop of the simulated incoming call, go to the Call Centers page in Setup and edit the demo adapter. Then update the Simulated Incoming Phone Number field.

Customize the Demo Adapter

To change the phone number used to simulate incoming calls, edit the Simulated Incoming Phone Number field on the Demo Call Center Adapter page in Setup. The default phone number used to simulate incoming calls is 415-555-1212.

Want to make real calls with this demo adapter? We’ve made this super easy to do with Twilio. To integrate with Twilio, complete the following steps:

  1. Install the Twilio Salesforce Helper Library in your org.
    You’ll need the following information:
    • CTI Provider—The name of the internal Apex class that implements SoftphoneProviderHelper.SoftphoneProvider, and has the code implementing makeCall(), such as DummyProvider, TwilioProvider or your own provider implementation.
    • Provider Account—Provider account ID.
    • Provider Auth Token—Provider authorization token.
    • Provider Caller Number—The phone number from where the call originated. This is the From number. By default, this is 415-555-5555.
  2. In your Salesforce org, edit the Apex class SoftphoneProviderHelper. In the inner class TwilioProvider, uncomment the code related to Twilio.
  3. Optionally, modify the default task page layout for your call center users.
    For every call made with the demo adapter, the call log creates a task. To see the call-related fields on these tasks, assign the page layout Demo Call Task Layout to your call center users. For more information, see Assigning Page Layouts in the Salesforce Help.

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